Using PRMan with Essential RenderMan Fast

PhotoRealistic RenderMan

PRMan is one of the most complete implementations of the RenderMan standard. The current release (3.10 or 3.11) should be able to render all of the examples in this book without any significant modifications.

PRMan v3.4 was a standard component of NeXTStep and OpenStep computers. Even this very old version is capable of rendering most of the examples found here, and was used for most of the images which required feature not supported by Angel.

Chapter 15: Motion Blur

Support for complex motion blur is also been progressively improved. While all releases have some support for motion blur, only the most recent versions support multi-segment motion paths.

Chapter 17: Particles and Hair

To render Points or Curves requires PRMan 3.7 or later.

Part 2

If you're using a version of PRMan prior to 3.6 you'll need replace all references to vector and normal variable types in SL with the type point.

Ian Stephenson.
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