Using BMRT with Essential RenderMan Fast

Between the completion of writing Essential RenderMan, and its actuall publication, the two Exluna renderers, were withdrawn, and are no longer available. However I decided to leave the references to them in the text, as they are already in widespread use, and have played an important role in the development of RenderMan.

Entropy should be capable of rendering all of the examples in the book, as should BMRT, with the following exceptions:

Chapter 15: Motion Blur and Depth of Field

BMRT 2.5 supported both motion blur and depth of field. However these features are NOT implemented in BMRT 2.6.

Chapter 14: Shadows

Throughout this chapter I refer to the "shadowspot" light shader - a spotlight shader with shadowmap support added. BMRT and a number of other renderers have merged shadow support into the standard spotlight shader, and hence the shadowspot light shader no longer exists. Simply using the spotlight shader should work.

Chapter 17: Particles and Hair

BMRT does not support Points or Curves.

Figure 23.1: Orthographic Projection

Figure 23.1 will render more like 23.2, as in BMRT current space is equivalent to object space, rather than camera as in most other renderers. This is only an issue because the shader used to produce this image is deliberately badly written.

Ian Stephenson.
DCT Systems
NCCA,Bournemouth University