Using Angel with Essential RenderMan Fast

All exmple images in the book were rendered using Angel except those noted here. These were rendered using PRMan.

Figure 9.3: Opacity.rib

Angels support for Opacity is poor. This is a fundamental limitation of its Z-buffer architecture. If you wish to render this image with Angel, then increasing PixelSamples improves the resulting image slightly. However there is no support for colored opacity.

Figure 13.3: Phong shading

Angel does not support varying parameters to surfaces, and hence the modified surface normals have no effect.

Figure 15.2:A more complex motion path

Figure 15.3:Deformation Motion Blur

Angel supports simple transformation motion blur, but does not support motion paths or deformation blur. When rendering simple motion blur in Angel, the results can be improved by increasing the Y parameter of PixelSamples.

Figure 19.3: Changing the colour of points.

Figure 19.4: Blending colours on other surfaces

Angel does not support varying parameters.

Chapter 29

Angel does not support light shaders.

Ian Stephenson.
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